10 TIPS of Home Organization and Storage

10 TIPS of home organization and storage to de-clutter and simplify your life, let's work on the storage skills together!

1. Organize storage before going out every single day, don't leave the task of tidying up after work or when you get home at midnight.

2. Make sure to leave 15 minutes of tidying time every day, or you can make good use of little pockets of time. A quarter of an hour's effort will make a big difference in your living environment.

3. Think twice before buying, and strive to be a rational consumer without wasting money or precious space at home.

4. List the priority list. A room that is as clean as new cannot be achieved overnight. You can make a list of the most chaotic places in the house. If you are really busy at work and don't have time, start from the areas that need to be reorganized most, such as desktop space, use hidden storage box under the desk, which does not take up the desktop space, refuses to messy the desktop to release more office space.

under desk organizer

5. Step by step. Rome was not built in a day, and the rooms were not organized all at once. It is recommended that you only organize one drawer at a time, instead of spending a whole day tidying up the room, otherwise you will be so tired that you never want to move again.

6. Sort the things that are most easily messed up. Find a special drawer for gift packaging, a small storage box for letter paper, and a shelf for knitting items that are not commonly used.

letter paper holder

7. Every member of the family has the responsibility to organize their belongings. Kids can be encouraged to clean their belongings thoroughly every six months, and then throw away the things they don’t need as they grow up.

8. Store your items in a memory-friendly way. Whether it is a sorting drawer or a multi drawer storage unit, every family member should keep their important documents and souvenirs in a fixed place. Collections of essays, briefing papers, diplomas, and various cards are often the most important but the easiest things to find at home.

9. Be honest with your heart. If you don't like something, don't force yourself to keep it. Giving it to those who need it more is a good way to store it at home and expand interpersonal relationships.

10. Don't strive for perfection. Remember, this is your home, not a sample house, no need to pursue for flashy beauty.

plastic peg board